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PAHQ offers Dance tuition in: Classical Ballet, Pointe & Demi-Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Acro, Strength, Stretch & Conditioning and PreSchool Dance. In addition to being a creative medium of technique, skill and self-expression, dance is a great way to keep fit, develop co-ordination, poise and self-confidence and provides a wonderful opportunity to meet people and have fun.

Classical Ballet

Ballet is typified by the symbolic figure of a graceful young lady ‘enpointe’, arms in 5th position, wearing a tutu and performing a pirouette. Ballet is a beautiful classical form of dance heavily based in technique and fine art.


Jazz is a form of dance with large, exaggerated and highly energetic movements. Jazz has become an essential part of musical theatre choreography.


Tap is an exciting dance form in which the performer taps out rhythms and patterns with his or her heels and toes while wearing special shoes with small metal plates called taps. This lively, rhythmic tapping makes the performer not only a dancer, but also a percussive musician.
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Lyrical dance has been defined as a dance style that embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics and hip-hop, while still maintaining its autonomy. It has been strongly associated with clearly displayed emational moods, fast-moving choreogrpahic strategies, an emphasis on virtuosic display, illustration of song lyrics, and, in group form, exact unison.


Acrobatics is an intensive physical class focussing on all the 'tricks' of a modern dancer. Students will learn to safly perform back-bends, back-flips, handstands, cartwheels, handstands, handfsprings and more. 

Strength, Stretch & Conditioning

Stretching helps keep muscles long and supple, while exercise gives them extra strength. This class will teach how stretching properly before and after a dance workout helps to prevent injury but making the muscles more pliable. In addition, students will work on improving posture, increasing flexibility and range of motion and strengthening the muscles. It will also aim to increase the core body strength essential for being a dancer. 


Adult Classes

PAHQ offers adult dance classes in Ballet, Jazz and Tap. Adult dance classes offer all the skills, technique, choreography and performance opportunities of each dance discipline whilst catering to an adult level. A great way to socialize, improve your dance skills, get fit and have fun.

PreSchool Dance

PreSchool Dance is a fun and social introduction to the world of dance through the development of coordination, motor-skills and confidence set to a soundtrack of their favourite songs. Give your child the early start they need to become either a ‘prima ballerina’ or modern dance virtuoso.

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