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PAHQ operates an active and skills-based drama programme that endeavours to create intelligent, confident and capable actors through fun, supportive, stimulating and progressive drama activities, exercises and games. With an emphasis on script-work, improvisation, creativity and performance technique, the drama programme equips students for acting opportunities on the stage and screen. Regular drama classes also develop students' abilities to confidently deal with life’s everyday situations such as public speaking and social interaction.

Past PAHQ Drama Students:

  • Have performed principal and chorus roles in PAHQ’s Annual Community Theatre Musical Productions
  • Have been accepted into Ballarat Academy of Performing Arts
  • Haved starred in Theatrical Productions across Victoria
  • Are signed up with Talent Agents
  • Have received paid work on ‘Neighbours’
  • Have acted in numerous short films
  • Have worked on the set of professional movies including ‘Charlotte’s Web’ & 'Ghost Rider'
  • Now work as Drama Teachers educating, inspiring and shaping young performers throughout Australia
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Ensemble Work

Students learn to work together as a class to develop their acting skills through drama warm-ups and games, and scripted and improvised dramatic works.


Students use dramatic workshops and warm-ups to focus and develop emotion in their performances. Students learn when and how to use emotion appropriately and effectively in scripted and improvised work, and how to develop a scope of emotion, from the subtle to the outrageously excessive.


Students learn the skill of acting an entire sentence, paragraph or scene on their own. Students work on their solo performance and how to capture and hold the attention of an audience.

Script Work

Students use pre-written or self-written scripts and develop these into dramatic works for public performance. They learn to interpret the playwrights’ vision and adapt scripts not specifically written for their group to make them entertaining for an audience.


Using the skills learnt through drama games and activities, students learn the invaluable skill of improvising - acting without a script. Students are thrown into ‘abstract’ or ‘naturalistic’ situations that require them to work as a soloist or ensemble member to create a plausible and entertaining scene ‘on-the-spot’. Improvising is an invaluable skill to have when things ‘go wrong’ on stage or screen.

Using ‘The Space’

Students are taught to adapt their dramatic skills to any given space. They are shown how to create a ‘stage’ in any environment, be it a room, street corner, open park or professional theatrical stage. 

Acting For The Stage & Screen

Students are taught the versatile skill of knowing how to act for the two very different mediums of stage & screen.

Props & Costumes

Students use a range of incidental or unrelated props and costumes as ‘triggers’ to develop ideas, create short scenes or to embellish pre-written scripts and their own improvisations.

Developing A Dramatic Work

Students work together under the guidance of their teacher to develop their own works. Under the supervision of a professional animateur, students fuse together ideas, skills learnt in class and their own imaginations to create and present their own original dramatic masterpieces.


Similar to the Channel 10 hit show ‘Thank God You’re Here’ students are encouraged to use their creativity, spontaneity and improvisational survival skills in a hilarious, highly charged and sometimes competitive environment, where ANYTHING can happen!



PAHQ offers a range of Drama Classes to suit all ages: Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Advanced.


For those students who are eager for additional performance opportunities, PAHQ offers two Extension Drama classes. Students who participate in either the Junior/Intermediate or Senior/Advanced Extension Drama classes have the opportunity to perform in the Speech & Drama sections of the Ballarat Royal South Street Eisteddfod and sit the Trinity College Speech & Drama exams.


Pre-School Music/Drama classes are an invaluable prelude to singing, learning a musical instrument and self-expression through drama games and movement. Working in small groups, students are introduced to the concepts of beat, rhythm and pitch through music games, singing, dancing, make-believe and imagination, and the playing of musical instruments.


The Drama uniform consists simply of the PAHQ Regulation Uniform black T-Shirt (normal or fitted V-neck for females) and Full or Half-Zip Fleecy Jacket over any style of solid and flexible skirt or pants.