Instrument Hire

for Hire

Acoustic Guitar $39.90
Keyboard $51.50
Flute/Clarinet/Violin $51.50
Trumpet $51.50
Saxophone $73.50
Bass Guitar $51.50
Bass Amp $51.50


For your convenience PAHQ offers a range of instruments that are available to hire to students. This is a great option for several reasons:
  • Students may want to try a range of instruments before they settle on one
  • If students are younger and choose to learn an instrument such as guitar and viloin, they will need to purchase a range of sizes of the instrument as they progress. Hiring, alleviates the need to keep buying larger instruments and is more economically viable for parents
  • Hire Fees are for one school term (approx 3 months)
* For the full list of rental instruments please pop in, call the PAHQ Office or email us

Purchasing An Instrument

Once students have made the decision to upgrade or purchase their instrument,
PAHQ offers a range of equipment available from their in-house shop.

* For the full list of the instruments we sell, please pop in, call the PAHQ Office or email us
PAHQ Instruments: (367px * 550px)

*Performing Arts Headquarters Pty Ltd reserves the right to terminate the hire agreement and reclaim the Instrument/Equipment if it is seen to be subject to malicious damage (normal wear and tear excepted).